Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chocolate Mousse served in Edible Chocolate Dessert Cups with Raspberry Sauce

The name says it all-YUM! These were incredibly decadent, delicious and SUPER easy to make! I found this recipe while searching for this new vegetarian cooking show on the Cooking Channel. I made them for dessert for our friend Jeana's birthday celebration last night. My mousse turned out more like melty ice cream because I made the absent-minded mistake of buying Lite Coconut Milk. Do NOT buy coconut milk with water as an ingredient like I did-it totally messed up the consistency. However, you cannot go wrong with chocolate and coconut milk so even though the consistency did not come out correctly, it was still super delicious! Also, a few notes that might be helpful: you will need a pastry brush, chill the coconut milk and the mousse must be refrigerated overnight.

Here is the video of Chef Chloe Coscarelli teaching her friends how to make the chocolate cups and mousse. Here is the link to the recipe:


  1. I don't know many people who come home to a wonderful woman who has cooked for them, taken care of their daughter, cleaned, etc. etc. etc. and makes a beautiful dessert. Thanks for all your hard work! It is definitely appreciated. Love you!

  2. Mmmmmm... this looks so super yummy!